Voice of the Foreign Service

American Foreign Service Association

Voice of the Foreign Service

Harry W. Kopp

ISBN: 978-0964948839  

The Voice of the Foreign Service is Harry Kopp’s twinned history of the Foreign Service of the United States and the American Foreign Service Association. Kopp’s account covers the Foreign Service from its amateur and patrician beginnings, through the legislated reforms that followed World War II and Vietnam, to the challenges of the present day. Interwoven with this story is the history of the American Foreign Service Association, which began as a social club and today represents Service members as professionals and as employees. The Association, in the past as today, is central to efforts to professionalize the Service, open it to all Americans, defend its merit system and career principles against political encroachment, keep it trained and adaptable to changes in its mission, and improve conditions of employment. Of the many problems confronting the Service today, none is wholly new, and none can be solved without an understanding of its origins. This book, by illuminating the past, throws light also on the path forward.

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