Career Diplomacy

Georgetown University Press

Career Diplomacy: Life and Work in the U.S. Foreign Service

Harry W. Kopp and John K. Naland

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ISBN-13: 978-1626164697
ISBN-10: 162616469X

Career Diplomacy is an insider’s guide to the US Foreign Service as an institution, a profession, and a career.  This insider’s guide has sold more than 25,000 copies and is now in its third edition, published in July 2017.

“This third edition of Career Diplomacy is a masterful summary of the roles and responsibilities of our modern day diplomatic service. It is must reading for current and future practitioners and also commended to our legislators and those involved in the new administration. Career Diplomacy not only thoroughly explains what the US Foreign Service does, but also reminds us of the indispensable role it plays in supporting our  national security.”
Hon. John D. Negroponte, former Deputy Secretary of State and Director of National Intelligence

“Harry Kopp and John Naland have updated superbly the classic work on the diplomatic profession, providing a comprehensive, thoughtful, and frank portrayal of the US Foreign Service, past, present, and future.”
— David Petraeus (US Army, Ret.), commander of the surges in Iraq and Afghanistan

“Career Diplomacy is not–or not solely–a guide for the aspiring diplomat. It is a window into who our country’s diplomats are, and why they serve.”
— Barbara K. Bodine, Distinguished Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy and Director of the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University

“An incredibly comprehensive and all-encompassing narrative on American diplomacy–a lucid, but sober and compelling, description of a generally unknown and unappreciated corps of professionals dedicated to serving America. It will inspire and guide those Americans seeking to follow those who have gone before.”
— Edward W. Gnehm, Jr., former ambassador to Jordan and Director General of the Foreign Service



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