Harry W. Kopp is the author of three books on diplomacy: Career Diplomacy (with Charles A. Gillespie, Georgetown University Press, 2008); Commercial Diplomacy and the National Interest (American Academy of Diplomacy, 2004); and Voice of the Foreign Service: A History of the American Foreign Service Association (Foreign Service Books, 2015).

Former Secretary of State Lawrence S. Eagleburger, a career foreign service officer, called Career Diplomacy “the best description of life in the foreign service—its challenges, dangers, satisfactions, and fun—I have ever seen.” A revised and updated second and third editions came out in 2011 and 2017.

Kopp joined the foreign service as an entry-level officer in 1967 and rose to the senior foreign service in eleven years. He served as deputy assistant secretary of state for international trade policy in the Carter and Reagan administrations. His overseas posts included Warsaw, where he directed the United States–Poland Trade Development Center, and Brasília, Brazil, where he was deputy chief of mission. He received meritorious and superior honor awards from the Department of State and a presidential award for meritorious public service. He left the foreign service in 1985.

Kopp is the Washington representative of the Philippine sugar industry and a vice president of the International Sugar Trade Coalition.  He serves on the advisory board of the U.S. Diplomacy Center, an interactive museum under construction at the Department of State in Washington. He was formerly a partner in the consulting firm of L. A. Motley and Company.

Kopp lectures on the history of the Department of State at the Foreign Service Institute. His articles and commentary have appeared in the New York Times and other publications. His short story “Trotsky in the Bronx” won the 2012 Goldenberg Fiction Prize from the Bellevue Literary Review.

He is the author most recently of The State of Dissent, published in the Foreign Service Journal.

He is a graduate of Hamilton College and holds a master’s degree in Russian and East European Studies from Yale University. He lives with his wife Jane in Baltimore, Maryland.


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